Sponsorship opportunities is a 2-day conference focused on technical and business aspects of Resco solutions and the latest enterprise mobility trends.

We started with 141 attendees in 2015 and this number has been continuously growing year by year. Last year in Rome we hosted more than 185 attendees from 70 companies and 24 countries.

This year, we’re expecting approximately 200 attendees to whom you can promote your brand – from directors and managers to team leads and technical consultants from a wide range of industries, such as manufacturing, pharma, transportation & logistics, IT, agriculture, FMCG, and much more.

What you’ll get from sponsoring .next:

  • Increased visibility & brand awareness during the conference
  • Your brand featured on our website, emails, social media, and throughout the conference floor space
  • Unique networking opportunities designed to help you connect with the right people
  • Access to private meetings & conversations

Download sponsorship opportunities 2020 here: