About the conference

The Business Mobility Event of the Year

Connecting partners, customers, influencers and Resco experts

Over two days resco.next combines educational sessions with plentiful networking opportunities.

Partners can explore the ins and outs of the Resco ecosystem. They can learn to create fully customized mobile solutions, uncover new business opportunities and build up relationships with Microsoft, Salesforce and Resco leaders.

Customers and prospects can see how others utilize Resco products and learn about exciting new features for their use cases.

Whether technical or business-oriented, attendees can choose from an extensive list of sessions to get a detailed look at all aspects of enterprise mobility. Visitors can also request features and functionality they’d like to see added in the future.


What the conference is about


Dig deep into Resco technology and understand its architecture and specifics. resco.next is our technical support on the spot. From Woodford basics to advanced customizations, the Technical track is packed with educational sessions and hands-on workshops.


Get a head start on the competition – with key insights on how mobility helps to win deals and create new opportunities. Learn to demo Resco products and see how they compare with others. Explore partner solutions, break down efficiency gains, all part of the event’s Business track.

Real stories, not
marketing buzz

Both customers and partners share their experience with mobile solutions from Resco during discussion panels and Q&As. Hear about their initial motivation to explore mobility. Chances are, they were dealing with similar challenges that you may face today or in the future.


One-on-one meetings, the conference reception, a Woodford Reserve tasting and countless other networking opportunities await. Resco team members, special guests from Microsoft and Salesforce, and fellow attendees are all looking forward to sharing their experience.

Past event

resco.next 2018

  • 200 attendees
  • 92 companies
  • 14 countries
  • 28 sessions
  • 14 external presenters
  • 30 resco experts present
  • 14 hours of one-on-one discussions and networking

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