14:00 - 14:40 CET


Miroslav Pomsar, CEO, Resco
Tomas Gregor, Marketing and Business Development Director, Resco
Simona Urbanova, Strategic Partnership Specialist, Resco
Craig Chapa, CTO, Key2Act

40 min

14:40 - 15:20 CET

Resco Inspections Cloud - the powerful way to create digital experiences + Q&A

Giorgio Rossi, Direct Sales Manager, Resco
Zuzana Curajova, Product Manager, Resco
Aljosa Nikolic, Analyst, NAI Significa
Benny Van Hyfte, General Manager, ESC BV

Harness the power of Resco Inspections on Resco’s stand-alone cloud platform

Boost your business with a ready-to-go mobile solution

Gain opportunities across industries thanks to limitless customization and integration options

Help your customers go digital with improved experiences for managers, workers and customers

40 min

15:20 - 16:00 CET

Field Service Mobility is More Than Just a (Power)ful App + Q&A

Ivan Stano, COO, Resco
Rasmus Bjørn Vinther, IT Developer, Kemp & Lauritzen
Andrew Lorraine, Partner Strategy Manager, Resco

Dynamics Field Service partners and customers are at a crossroads. Microsoft's new Power App-based field service application promises to catch up to the long-term industry leading Resco solution currently used by thousands of service technicians around the globe. But there are a lot of questions about which app is the right fit and where to go from here. This session covers all the options and demonstrate how with Resco – the most advanced and reliable business mobility platform – you can deliver exceptional FS experiences.

40 min

16:00 - 16:37 CET

Inspections as a part of your Salesforce Experience + Q&A

Jane Caputolan, Business Development Manager, Resco
Conrad LaPointe, CEO - Northern Region, Habitat for Humanity
Barbora Piatrova, Marketing Product Manager Salesforce, Resco
Julia Taube, ISV Business Development, Salesforce

The power of Salesforce lies in its integrations. Resco Inspections doesn’t complement, it fulfils the Salesforce experience. For office and frontline teams. Hear real customer stories and get a clear picture of how Resco and Salesforce work together.

37 min

16:37 - 17:14 CET

Innovation & disruption: How Resco technology can help you adapt + Q&A

Juraj Mojik, Head of Product, Resco
Tom Moortgat , Managing Director, AVENTO

The only constant is change. And ever more so in the field of technology. Lock into this content packed session to see how the fast-evolving Resco platform can help you battle adversity by harnessing the power of innovative technologies, such as Houston AR calls and much more.

37 min

17:14 - 17:21 CET

NIVY WATCH: The ultimate smartwatch designed for professional use

Rado Vozar, Head of Board and Co – Founder, Resco

The first hardware offering from Resco combined with specialized software is here. Discover entirely new ways of using smartwatches in business scenarios.

7 min

17:21 - 17:34 CET

Resco Partner Awards 2020

Anna Kontsekova, Partner Channel Manager, Resco
Filip Fejdi, Partner Channel Specialist, Resco

Join us for the Resco Partner Awards ceremony to recognize and get inspired by the best that the Resco partner network has to offer.

We will unveil the finalists and winners in three categories:

- Partner of the Year

- Innovation Partner of the Year

- Breakthrough Partner of the Year

13 min