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Get inspired by enterprise mobility visions and insights. Choose a dedicated business or tech track. Share knowledge and enjoy the evening reception. 


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Conference kick-off

The resco.NEXT keynote will feature the latest news about Resco, our commitment to our partners and users, and our vision for the mobile workforce in the AI era. 

by Andrew Lorraine, Resco CEO&Toan Fjeldass, Chief Product Officer, Evidi

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Success stories, panels and deep dives into our no/low-code solutions for businesses

For years, Resco’s enterprise mobility platform has helped companies worldwide create sustainable, no/low-code solutions for their complex business challenges. And we’re as committed as ever to improving our mobile-first technology for our partners well into the future. Whether you work with Microsoft Dynamics 365/Dataverse, Salesforce, or Resco Cloud, come get inspired by the latest success stories and learn from experts during panel discussions and technical deep dives, including a look at our revamped UI/UX and improved offline capabilities.

Resco's remarkable year: The discoveries that propel us forward

In this session, we’ll journey through our transformative year, highlighting our evolution, key achievements, and the impactful stories behind our client partnerships. These lessons shape our path. Join us to understand how Resco drives the future of mobile apps for frontline users in Microsoft Business Applications.
by Jakub Bajla, Manager of Sales, Resco

Opening session

Our speaker will guide you through the contents of the tech track. A brief introduction to the highlights of the coming two days. Find out what to look for and what not to miss.

by Marek Estok, Chief Technology Officer, Resco

Customer Success Stories

Empower, Train, Thrive: Discover Taskbridge’s customer-centric all-in-one solution, integrating Sales, Project Management, Service Coordinators, and Technicians. The comprehensive training programs are bridging the gap between technology and success, with hands-on learning and interactive strategies tailored for each role. Explore real-world impact stories and learn how Taskbridge empowers businesses to thrive by prioritizing client needs and fostering continuous growth.

by Natalie Locke, Marketing / Training Manager, Taskbridge

Optimizing Your Data Model and Sync

Learn about sync strategies and data footprint optimization, and understand the impact of role-based security on app performance.

by Jan Slodicka, Principal Developer, Resco

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Partner Success Stories

Join us for inspiring sessions where partners share
success stories and demonstrate the Resco Mobile Platform’s
advanced customization and low-code/no-code capabilities in
diverse use cases. From field service management and
inspections to sales and bespoke CRM solutions, our speakers will
share their experiences, insights, and outcomes, providing
invaluable lessons and ideas to apply to your projects.

by Jimmi Henvig, Principal Consultant, Delegate A/S & Michael Sebastian Nanfeldt, Creator of Opportunities, Delegate A/S and Tom Moortgat, Fearless Leader Manager, CEGEKA

Deep dive into real-life implementations of Resco

Learn from our expert partner, who will present their approach to technical challenges and initiate a dialogue on how to overcome complex requirements in a fast and cost-effective way. In this session, we’ll focus on a showcase of improving the signature experience, specifically addressing the need for enhanced security and GDPR compliance. Furthermore, we’ll delve into advanced Offline HTML templates designed to elevate your Resco experience.

by Janko Svetlik, Application Development Manager, Accenture Technology Solutions

Expert Panel: Selling B2B technology

Learn more about what’s currently working (and not working) in B2B technology sales.

Pierre Hulsebus, Global Activation Director, Microsoft
Jeremy Higgins, Founder and CEO, H1
Ron Spence, CEO, Spence Software
Paul Selinger, Business Development Manager, Resco
Jonathan Taub, President, FIELDBOSS
Moderated by Trevor Metcalfe, Marketing Manager for North America, Resco

From the Blue App to a Modern App

Take part in this workshop-style session, where Resco experts will show you the long-awaited improvements to Resco’s mobile UI. Then, take your existing apps to the next level by getting your hands dirty and learning how to implement these improvements for your own app.

by Adela Kovarova, UX Researcher, Resco

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New Resco solutions for Power Platform frontline scenarios

Resco is taking a big step forward this year by integrating the best from our leading solutions, like Inspections, Guides, or Reports, with Microsoft Power Platform. This will enable our partners and customers to deploy more flexibly across various use cases while using powerful Resco tools. All in pursuit of excellent customer experiences in both mobile and desktop apps. Join leading Resco and Microsoft experts to learn more about these enhancements natively integrated into Power Platform.

Possibilities of new Resco solutions for Power Platform

Discover new enhancements Resco brings to Microsoft Power Platform for frontline scenarios and the business opportunities they offer. Learn from Resco sales and product leaders how these solutions can be natively integrated into Power Apps, Power Pages and use Power Automate and AI. Discover how they enable data collection, knowledge access, and document generation.

by Ivan Stano, Chief Operating Officer&Jakub Bajla, Manager of Sales& Ludovit Bobula, Product Manager, Resco

The latest from Power Platfom world and its frontline scenario enhancements

Learn the latest about Power Platform, including current trends, developments, and plans from a Microsoft Senior Cloud Advocate, Daniel Laskewitz. Daniel will share his extensive knowledge about Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Pages, or AI, and his thoughts on how to get the most out of combining Power Platform with the new Resco solutions.

by Daniel Laskewitz, Senior Cloud Advocate (Power Platform), Microsoft

Partner's view 1: Using Power Platform Enhancements

Join this session to learn firsthand from one of our top partners, where they see the potential of new Resco solutions for Power Platform and how they plan to utilize them across relevant scenarios and use cases.

Speakers to be announced

Partner's view 2: Using Power Platform Enhancements

Join this session to learn firsthand from one of our top partners, where they see the potential of new Resco solutions for Power Platform and how they plan to utilize them across relevant scenarios and use cases.

Speakers to be announced

Frontline data collection solution for Power Apps and Power Pages

See how the Resco Questionnaire Designer can be directly integrated into Power Apps to enable office workers to easily create forms. Thanks to its advanced functionality, the forms can fit any use case or complexity. We will then show you how field workers can use these forms in their Power Apps to conduct surveys, audits, inspections, and more. 

by Martin Rosko, Senior Developer, Resco

Key knowledge access for mobile workforce leveraging AI in Power Apps

Learn how to easily create visual guides such as instructions, manuals, and procedures directly in Power Apps and quickly make them available across your organization. We will show you how to use our powerful Report Designer and how you can utilize AI to create visual guides using simple text prompts.

by Michal Magnusek, Senior Product Manager, Resco

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Expert Session with Microsoft MVP

Details will be announced soon.

by Nicolas Fernandez, Solutions Director – HCL Technologies

Generating documents in Power Apps and sharing them using Power Automate

Find out how to create pixel perfect documents, such as invoices, protocols, or orders directly in the office using Resco Report Designer in Power Apps and making them available across the whole Power Platform using Power Automate and Resco Connector.

by Daniel Stransky, Product Consultant&Tomas Brutovsky, Product Consultant, Resco

Partner Awards

We value our partners and are proud to recognize their achievements at resco.NEXT. We’ll celebrate the most successful partners and
projects during the ceremony.

by Anna Kontsekova, Partner Channel Manager, Resco&Klaudia Balagova, Partner Enablement Specialist, Resco

Woodford tasting session

Join us for a tasting of Woodford, the straight bourbon whiskey that shares its name with our configuration and administration tool.

by Lukas Lesko, Head of Product Support, Resco&Timotej Lesko, IT Support Specialist

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Annual pre-conference run

Introducing Resco Labs: How we innovate

Learn about our dynamic hub, where we integrate new technologies “out of the box.” The goal? To cultivate agility through swift and concise iterative development, enabling us to deliver impactful solutions at a quick pace.
by Michal Magnusek, Senior Product Manager, Resco

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Simplifying Asset Localization with Resco ALIS beacons

In this session, you will learn how using ALIS beacons simplifies managing physical assets on any worksite. Want to maximize their potential? Pair them up with business applications and collect data. Join us to learn how to set up beacons in complex buildings or collect data from various sensors to enhance preventative maintenance.
by Nikolas Fabry, Business Developement Manager, Resco & Nivy Watch

AI+Resco: the new possibilites

Learn how to implement generative AI solutions for a range of Resco use cases, including converting PDFs and simple text into interactive Guides with the AI-driven Resco Knowledge Assistant. We will also show you how to create summaries from complex data or leverage object detection in our questionnaires, and much more.

by Malvina Melkovicova, Product Consultant, Resco

Deskless Innovation for Business Central with Resco & Nivy Watch

Join us to learn about the substantial impacts that mobile innovation can bring to companies running Business Central. Be the first to know about a new workforce management solution where Business Central and Nivy Watch combine to help organizations optimize task allocation, streamline operations, and enhance workplace safety. Learn best practices for working with the Resco mobile platform, Dataverse, and Business Central in offline and highly mobile scenarios.
by Michal Kubala, Business Development Leader, Resco

Resco for Salesforce – Citron Hygiene solution

A private equity firm supported one of their portfolio companies, Citron Hygiene, with a sales enablement project using Resco. See how the project unfolded from development to roll out.

by Aileen Samun, Senior Analyst & Natacha Altamirano, Director of the Data Science Team, Birch Hill Equity Partners

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Advanced mobility on Dataverse: Resco Inspections Accelerator

The global success of Power Platform and Dataverse uncovered new challenges, especially when digitizing field workers. Scenarios that require bespoke mobile experiences, strong offline performance, and robust data collection capabilities.
Show more These are precisely the areas Resco has been known for for over a decade. Resco Accelerator brings the best of Resco to solve challenges with ease. The seamless integration with Power Platform and Dataverse enables a quick extension to any mobile device. Join this interactive session highlighting Resco’s pre-built functionality in Power Platform, Schedule Board, Timesheets, Inspection forms, and custom Job form all in one environment.
by Ivan Stano, Chief Operating Officer

Partner story: Resco on Dataverse

Inter Cars, a supplier of spare parts present in over twenty European markets, has been using Resco integrated with Dataverse to support its sales scenarios over the past few years. Get inspired by its pioneering story.

by Jacek Dobkowski , CRM Department Manager, GearCode

Partner Session

Join our Partner Session for a deep dive into collaborative opportunities and support we offer. Discover co-marketing strategies, explore insights and actionables from our recent partner satisfaction survey. We will introduce you to updates and improvements when it comes to valuable resources like our partner portal. This session is your gateway to enhancing our partnership and unlocking mutual success- for better partner experience with Resco.

by Anna Kontsekova, Partner Channel Manager, Resco&Klaudia Balagova, Partner Enablement Specialist, Resco & Paulina Jurkovic, Head of Business Operations and Events, Resco

What to Consider When Taking Your Data Offline

In this masterclass, you will delve into the design and fine-tuning of the Field Service data model and sync performance.  

by Jan Slodicka, Principal Developer, Resco

Dataverse Accelerator Tech Deep Dive

Details will be announced soon.

by Tomas Brutovsky, Product Consultant, Resco

The digital transformation of Krones

Krones is a technology group and service provider at the heart of the beverage and liquid-food industry. Resco played part in the digital transformation of services of this world market leader. It is being used as the core Field Service app by 1000+ users in multiple countries.

by Peter Becher, Head of Organisation, Methods, KPIs, Central Field Service , KRONES AG

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Newest additions to Resco's platform, solutions, and module plans

Our Head of Product, Edo Kesely, will share his perspective on the future of mobility from a product development standpoint. Get a sneak peek at what’s to come and learn how Resco can help you stay ahead of the curve.
by Edo Kesely, Head of Product, Resco

The Future of D365 Mobility; Power Platform, AI and beyond

Exciting developments are happening in the Dataverse and Power Platform world. Join Microsoft MVP Rick McCutcheon and other experts in discussing Microsoft’s technology roadmap and it’s impact on the future of mobility. How will AI and Power Platform integrate with current mobility technology? What are the most recent challenges faced by mobile teams? Take part in the Q&A and get prepared for what’s ahead.

by Rick McCutcheon, President - Full Contact Selling

Wrap up/follow up & end of the conference

Main room

Discussion sessions

Main room

Consultations with partners & customers

Our valued partners & customers have a free consultation meeting (45 min) during Consultation Day, which will take place one day before the conference. This is a great opportunity to discuss specific customer projects, business strategy, or test advanced customizations with senior Resco experts. They can also bring a customer or prospect there.

Roundtable : Digital Transformation in the Nonprofits Sector

Conference foyer

At Resco, we have a long history of collaborating with NGOs from around the globe to empower their staff and constituents with mobile solutions. For the first time ever, at this year’s resco.NEXT we will bring together individuals from the sector who are committed to driving digital transformation with a focus on equity and impact. During this moderated roundtable, we will exchange experience, share best practices, and explore the various challenges and opportunities in the realm of digitalization for nonprofits with a focus on solutions for disconnected environments.

Secure your spot at