Casina Valadier, Rome Italy

The official conference reception and celebration of Resco’s 20th birthday will be held on 24th October 2019 in Casina Valadier, Rome. Casina Valadier, located in the heart of Villa Borghese, is the jewel of the Pincian Hill – a home to villas and gardens of many influential Roman families since ancient times.

The conference reception will begin at 7:30 PM and finish at 11 PM.

Breathtaking views

See the city like never before

It is one of the most fascinating places of the Italian capital, just a short walk from the Spanish Steps and Piazza del Popolo. With its green parks full of art and history, the Pincian hill is an exclusive destination where visitors can admire breathtaking views of the city of Rome.


Mediterranean cuisine in perfect harmony

Culinary specialties will blend the classical and modern notes of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine in perfect harmony. Chef Massimo d’Innocenti revisits even flavors from afar with passion and contemporary techniques – making sure only the very best Italian food and wine will come your way.


Celebrating Resco’s 20th birthday

Buses will depart at 18:45 from the A. Roma Lifestyle hotel for Casina Valadier. On the way back, buses will go from Casina Valadier to A. Roma Lifestyle hotel at 23:00.

Looking forward to celebrating Resco’s 20th birthday and enjoying the spectacular views of Rome with you!