SANA Malhoa Hotel, Lisbon
October 6th, 2022

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    Resco.NEXT is a premier educational conference designed for all IT and Business professionals interested in enterprise mobility solutions powered by Resco.

    Resco partners, customers, prospects, and anyone interested in enterprise mobility, deskless workers and workforce knowledge digital solutions. Both technical and business-oriented professionals. All attendees can explore the ins and outs of the Resco ecosystem, see how others utilize Resco products, and learn about exciting new features and industry developments.

    The conference will take place on Thursday, October 6, 2022. An evening reception party will follow the main event.

    This year’s edition will be organized in Sana Malhoa Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal. You can book an accommodation in SANA Malhoa Hotel. After registration you will receive email with link to conference hotel special room rates.

    At resco.NEXT, you can get to know the Resco products roadmap, learn about new features firsthand, discuss with Resco experts and industry professionals, and uncover strategic business mobility insights.

    You can find all information about our practices regarding your personal data in our resco.NEXT privacy notice.

    In case of any questions, feel free to contact Resco´s events team via contact form above.

    americas, Inc.
    202 Washington Street / Suite 329,
    Brookline, MA 02445

    karin pribylová

    Product Marketing Manager, Resco

    What is the value of resco.Houston? What benefits does resco.Houston bring to its customers? Who are our customers and what are their priorities? These and other questions are part of Karin’s normal working day. Her main goal is to show the value of resco.Houston and how it can improve and streamline knowledge flow in the organization.

    Sam Klaidman

    Founder & Principal Adviser, Middlesex Consulting

    In addition to a successful career as a leader of two high-tech, B2B, Customer Service organizations, Sam utilizes his prior 20+ years’ hands-on experience in Engineering, Manufacturing, Consulting and General Management to help clients grow their services business and improve Customer Loyalty.
    He applies the methodologies and techniques associated with the Customer Value Creation and Service Marketing professions to assist his clients to achieve their growth objectives by designing and commercializing new services and the associated business transformations.

    Photo of Andrew Lorraine

    Andrew Lorraine

    Chief Executive Officer

    Andrew leads Resco's mission to help mobile workers reach their full potential with technology. His focus is on developing business solutions for the key challenges of our era through authenticity and relationships.
    He closely cooperates with Resco's strategic partners to help them innovate and deploy mobile tech for frontline workers.

    Basheer Alhamwi

    Chief Executive Officer, HA Consultancy

    With more than 15 years of experience in the digital transformation of the field service industry and a master’s degree in Digital leadership, Basheer co-founded HA Consultancy to assist the field service companies in the MENA region during their digital transformation journey.
    He managed one of the top companies in the field service industry in Dubai, allowing him to merge digital and field experience to deliver a better solution to the industry.

    Photo of Ivana Gabajova

    Ivana Gabajova

    Business Development Manager, Resco

    Ivana is a senior business development manager with extensive experience in building and cultivating successful partnerships. She helps Resco partners in identifying and pursuing business opportunities as well as identifying challenges. Her mission is to empower Resco partners to deploy enterprise mobile solutions.

    Photo of Anna Kontsekova

    Anna Kontsekova

    Partner Channel Manager, Resco

    As the Partner Channel Manager, Anna is responsible for Resco's partner ecosystem, onboarding, enablement and support through partner trainings and activation programs.
    Her ultimate goal is to empower partners to build & deploy enterprise mobile solutions and services for clients who could benefit from the Resco platform.

    Photo of Juraj Mojik

    Juraj Mojik

    Chief Product Officer, Resco

    As the Chief Product Officer at Resco, Juraj Mojik is responsible for delivering features that add value for customers. Working with the company for well over 15 years, he has supported the digital transformation of many organizations and understands their needs.
    With the new Resco Inspections product, he is leading the innovation initiatives to ensure that new technologies can be applied to businesses as soon as possible.

    Photo of Ivan Stano

    Ivan Stano

    chief operating officer

    Ivan has been involved in various different departments in engaging the overall operation to make for better business development.
    He regularly contributes to the mobile tech and Dynamics communities by sharing his knowledge and expertise through insightful blogs, interviews and podcasts.  

    Photo of Eduard Kesely

    Eduard Kesely

    Product Manager, Resco

    Edo is a Product Manager with over 13 years of experience in software product management, leadership, and strategic & global executive sales roles.
    Throughout his career, he has successfully delivered software solutions to more than 100 million users worldwide.

    Sana Maloha hotel, Lisbon

    SANA Malhoa Hotel, Lisbon

    Join resco.NEXT 2022 and visit one of the most charismatic cities in Europe, Lisbon. Enjoy Portugal’s capital city and its famous sunny weather, soulful Fado music, fantastic seafood, or delicious pastéis de nata while strolling historical streets and looking at impressive buildings with local mosaic art.  
    Set in the event’s hotel located in the central financial district - a 7-minute walk from a metro stop and less than a 15-minute drive from the city airport.

    After registration you will receive email with link to conference hotel special room rates.
    Photo of Peter Dargaj

    Peter Dargaj

    Business Development, Resco

    During his more than 8 years in various Business Development positions within Resco, Peter's focus has been on building relationships with Resco partners & customers and helping them unlock the most value from the Resco platform.
    His specializations include Mobile Sales, Field Service, and custom mobile solutions.

    Photo of Filip Fejdi

    Filip Fejdi

    Partner Channel Specialist, Resco

    Filip is responsible for helping our partner network grow and effectively market Resco solutions. In his spare time, he enjoys discussing ideas and technologies shaping the world.

    Adela Kovarova

    UX Researcher, Resco

    Adela has been part of the Resco UX/UI team for a year. Previously, she was an intern in the Knowledge management team. She collaborates on improving the usability of the Resco application to support the users' mental models, ease of control in the field, and transparency of functions for administrators.
    She is passionate about getting to know Resco users, their overall workflow, and application usage scenarios.

    Photo of Timotej Lesko

    Timotej Lesko

    Product Support Specialist, Resco

    For the past three years, Timotej has been providing assistance with technical issues to our partners and customers, trying to satisfy their need for knowledge of Resco products and helping with any problems encountered along the way.

    Matej Vanik

    Product Support Specialist, Resco

    Matej is a software developer at Resco with focus on the sychronization an the offline database functionality. With many years working at the Resco support team he has great experience with making the best out of every project.