Ludovit Bobula

Photo of Ludovit Bobula

Ludo is Product manager responsible for Power Platform enhancements. His job is to integrate existing Resco solution into Power Platform according to customer and partner needs.

Klaudia Balagova

Photo of Klaudia Balagova

Klaudia is part of the Partner Channel team, focusing on the Co-Marketing program and Partner Satisfaction Survey. She welcomes discussions about improving the partner’s experience, ensuring their journey is smooth and seamless, and getting the support they need.

Paulina Jurkovic

Photo of Paulina Jurkovic

Paulina Jurkovic joined Resco’s Boston branch over 3.5 years ago and currently works in event management, strategic account handling, and partner relationships. She’s contributing to the company’s growth and success by attending conferences, networking and supporting sales operations.

Nikolas Fabry

Photo of Nikolas Fabry

Nikolas is an experienced Business Development Manager focused on bringing value to Resco’s strategic customers and partners from both Microsoft and Salesforce environments.

Michal Magnusek

Photo of Michal Magnusek

Michal is a product manager responsible for Resco Cloud , Resco Guides and the Resco Labs project. His passion for innovation and user-centric design drives him to create the best possible experience. Together with an amazing team, he’s constantly pushing boundaries and bringing cutting-edge solutions to the market.

Jakub Bajla

Photo of Jakub Bajla

Former Partner Development Manager and Account Technology Strategist at Microsoft. Now leading Microsoft Business Development Management team at Resco.

Trevor Metcalfe

Photo of Trevor Metcalfe

Trevor brings over 10 years of experience to elevate and share the Resco community. He plays an active role across the Microsoft community, featured on MSDynamicsworld, Partner Talks, & Dynamicscon LIVE.

Jan Slodicka

An expert developer. Architect of the Resco sync engine.

Daniel Stransky

Providing technical support for partners & clients during a proof-of-concept stage, during and after implementation. Additionally, managing a product regarding document generation and reporting.

Martin Rosko

A fullstack developer of CRM/ERP systems used by business customers and partners. He is leading a team focusing on development of the Inspections application and editor.